Fundraising Options With My Golden Portrait

It is well known that in a slow economy, groups and organizations depending on fundraising activities will need a successful fundraising plan.  Easy, straight forward ideas are extremely important for raising the necessary money for a cause, uniforms, travel, supplies and more. With so many people carefully monitoring their spending habits, choosing the right fundraiser for your group or organization is crucial. What are the best fundraisers for these economic times? What are some easy ideas for fundraising that will raise the most money for your group, with the least amount of work?

Imagine being able to bring in a huge profit for your organization while preserving the memories and elevating the imagination of your community; using the same techniques that Ancient cultures have used to preserve and celebrate their priceless memories through the natural, everlasting beauty of gold.

My Golden Portrait uses gold that is refined in Switzerland to its highest purity of 24K, 999.9 fineness. We then utilize a second generation of specialized Chinese gold craft artists to capture and embrace the priceless memories of your customers within 24K gold.

Where would people most likely entrust their most treasured memories to; Paper, digital format or 24K gold?  While modern technology has improved the quality of our most treasured photographs, the durability and lasting quality on paper and in digital format is still questionable.

Using the services of My Golden Portrait you can now increase your fundraising revenues while using a scalable service that does not require any additional stocking or fulfillment services on your end. We offer a variety of sizes and customizable options that embrace the uniqueness and individuality of each and every order submitted to our internal processing centers.

My Golden Portrait houses its own customer service, production and global distribution solutions.  This allows more time for you to focus on your fundraising activities without increasing the overhead or production of your current operations.

Meanwhile, your organization would receive a special code that would automatically allocate a percentage of every sale directly towards your fundraising campaign.

Contact us today and allow us the opportunity to work with you in assisting you and your organization achieve your fundraising goals.

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