Golden Portrait is a trade mark name owned & operated by the Company Royal Golden Enterprise GmbH, a Swiss Company founded in 2008 by Golden Portrait Co-Founder Bill Rowell.

Royal Golden Enterprise GmbH  has been providing Swiss certified gold and silver to the market place since 2008. The precious metal is purchased from Switzerland’s largest London Bullion Market accredited refiner Argor-Heraeus Ag and shipped to a second generation gold leaf and foil specialist where it is handcrafted.


Argor Heraeus is one of the world’s largest processors of precious metals. With a 60-year history of service to the gold and silver markets, the company is part-owned by the Austrian Mint.

Argor Heraeus is one of only five Referees of the London Bullion Market Association’s Good Delivery system. This system specifies the weight and purity of gold. Being certified by Argor Heraeus as 999.9 pure means 999.9 parts per thousand gold. This is a higher standard than the LBMA “Good Delivery” (999.5).


Golden Portraits are produced under the control and certification of a second generation gold foil and leaf artists of whom Co-Founder Bill Rowell has personally visited and testifies to the integrity of the operation and owner. The purity is of 999.9 fineness, 24Kt and comes with a guarantee card.

Our gold is carefully crafted into a fine layers of pure 24k gold settings. It is then prepared for the photographic interfusion process. Our specialized Interfusion Process begins with your “Special Moment”. First, you provide us with a high resolution photo of your precious moments. We then proceed with the delicate process of INTERFUSING your photo into the previously prepared layers of 24k gold settings.



Upon the completion of the INTERFUSION Process, the elegance of your new 24K Golden portrait is encased within a dark wooden frame. The final touch being a skillfully polished glass that overlay your new heirloom that will most certainly bring your Golden Portrait to life.


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