Bill Rowell

CEO and Co-Founder

Bill Rowell is an Australian entrepreneur (currently residing in Zurich Switzerland) with a history of business success and a passion to expand the lives of others. Raised on a farm, he learned both the value and the limits of “a hard day’s work for a hard day’s pay.” Seeking to enlarge his experience, he joined the police force and rose at a young age to the rank of Senior Detective in the Armed Robbery Squad. A chance meeting with a successful businessman inspired Bill to set out on the road of entrepreneurship.

Bill acquired his first hotel, and went on to build a successful business buying and turning around distressed hotels. Meeting gold expert Philip Judge brought him into the world of precious metals, and gave him an entirely new understanding of both global and personal finance. It was this experience that inspired him to help awaken others to the value of “real wealth” through the launch of Swiss Gold Global.

In 2008 he founded Joseph Wealth Systems a Swiss Company with the objective of putting Gold – “The Money of Kings” into the hands of Ordinary People. Today the Company is called Younique trading under the brand name of Swiss Gold Global and continuing to provide global Wealth Solutions for all people.

In 2014 Bill Rowell and Edward Armstrong joined forces to create the new Global Phenomena known as Golden Portrait.



Edward Armstrong

President and Co-Founder

Born in Detroit Michigan, Edward Armstrong having been the proprietary owner of several companies, soared into new heights of success as building an empire expanding into real estate investing, online sales, restaurant ownership, business consulting, web design and marketing, tax preparation, immigration services, and co-owning a fully licensed insurance agency that covered health, life, property, casualties and annuities.

Edward Armstrong is also the President of The Masonic Ascent Association Inc., a Non-Profit, Tax Exempt 501c (10) Corporation created exclusively as a center of union for Freemasons who desire to study and promote the mystic art, its history, philosophy, rites, customs, and practices while promoting the common good and general welfare of its community by promoting and disseminating those tenets of Freemasonry that bring about civic betterment and social improvement for the greater community at-large.

It was during this entrepreneurial journey that Edward was further introduced to the vast needs of the Hispanic community. He then decided to service those needs and further advocate a fair representation of the Hispanic and Latin Community. This decision ultimately lead towards further community mediation and negotiation with regards toward the acknowledgment and acceptance of Hispanic and Latin rights within American Society. Edward Armstrong was awarded The Hola Awards Entrepreneur Of The Year Award In January 2013 and continues to work and advocate on behalf of the Hispanic and Latin community.

Co-Founding Golden Portrait along side of Bill Rowell is considered by Edward to be one the the greatest honors of his professional career.


Laverne Armstrong

U.S. National Director

Laverne has cultivated more than 30 years of clinical experience within the medical industry. Her executive management experience has been accompanied by an incomparable ability to problem solve in a challenging, ever-evolving environment has resulted in her being entrusted to perform testing in hematology, chemistry and ER labs.

Having managed quality assurance procedures for various State Inspections, Laverne has demonstrated leadership through her commitment to training interns and medical students as well as being an accomplished clinical nurse instructor.

In 2011, Laverne was awarded as the regional Shining Star for demonstrating a passion for making a difference in people’s lives and providing exceptional patient care. In 2013 was awarded the Service Excellence Award for “Outstanding Service to the People”.

It is Laverne’s Executive Administrative Skills, Management Skills, Leadership Track Record and her unwavering display of outstanding service towards the well being of others that make her an invaluable addition to the Golden Portrait Executive Board and its continuous drive towards providing the HIGHEST standard of production, customer care and public service.