At GOLDEN PORTRAIT we have embodied this ancient principle of  “Eternalizing Your Memories” by replacing photo paper and other print materials with Pure 24k GOLD.
Golden Portrait gold is refined in Switzerland to the highest purity 24K, 999.9 fineness then handed to a second generation of specialized Chinese gold craft artists to capture your memory in 24K gold.

(Our Specialized "PIP" Process)

Phase One – Preparation
The Preparation Process

preparationGolden Portraits are produced under the strict control and certification of a group of hand chosen, international, 2nd generation, gold setting artists. Our Swiss Refined and Certified Gold is carefully crafted into fine layers of pure 24k gold settings. It is then prepared for the photographic interfusion process.

Phase Two – Interfusion
The Interfusion Process

interfusionOur specialized Interfusion Process begins with your “Special Moment”.  First, you provide us with a high resolution photo of your precious moments.  We then proceed with the delicate process of INTERFUSING your photo into the previously prepared 24k gold settings. 

Phase Three – Presentation
The Presentation Process

presentationUpon the completion of the INTERFUSION Process, the elegance of your new 24K Golden portrait is encased with a dark wooden frame. The polished glass that overlay your new heirloom will most certainly bring your Golden Portrait alive.

Discover How Golden Portraits Are Made

Additional services are available upon request for minor photo restoration and high resolution conversion of your photo for the INTERFUSION Process.